Bay Area Drummer Brad Kaiser
Brad started learning rudimentary snare drum at age 10 and quickly expanded his studies to include the drum set, timpani, marimba and hand percussion.  In his early teens, Brad played in youth orchestras and percussion ensembles where he gained valuable experience performing on all instruments in the percussion family.  His teachers and mentors at the time included the principal timpanist of the San Diego Symphony and a locally renowned drum set instructor, who gave Brad the technical and practical guidance he would need to turn professional.   

By age 16, Brad had auditioned and was granted the drum chair in the San Diego State College big band and was also gigging regularly in cover bands that played at weddings and other events. Around the same time, Brad began making a weekly 3-hour drive to Los Angeles to take lessons from a variety of well regarded studio drummers and percussionists.

Brad was building a solid reputation as a versatile drummer/percussionist, playing steady club gigs and working on original projects.  He began getting calls for recording sessions to play on song demos and local radio jingles which led to an opportunity to play on a national radio ad.  Soon Brad had a full schedule recording by day and gigging at night.  By his early 20’s Brad was making regular trips to Los Angeles for work and had logged thousands of hours in the studio recording radio jingles for major ad campaigns, TV shows, records and film scores.  While living in Los Angeles, Brad played in the house band for an ABC late night television talk show.  

Brad moved to the San Francisco bay area where he worked on video game soundtracks for SEGA  and recorded with such diverse artists as Rick Derringer and progressive rock band, Magellan.  His musical experience also includes teaching, composing and international tours including performances in China as timpanist with the American Philharmonic.  Click Here to view Brad's catalog of work.  Click Here to listen to Brad's work.

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