Technique – Proper grip, posture and physical independence.

Reading – From basic rhythms to complex charts, sightreading and interpreting written parts.  Learn to write your own charts.

Styles – Understand the core of each musical style and develop ability to authentically replicate.

Improvisation – From fills to solos, develop your unique style and  learn to “play what you hear."

Dynamics – Learn how to fit in with a group or ensemble. Be more than a drummer, be a musician.

Drum Gear  – Equipment selection, Set-up, Tuning, Studio techniques.
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My private teaching practice includes all ages (from child to adult) and levels of experience (from beginner to advanced).   I teach all instruments in the percussion family including concert and orchestral percussion, latin hand percussion and drum set.
Lesson Topics Include:
My Teaching Philosophy
Each student is unique in a variety of ways so I customize my approach to best fit what they want to learn, what they need to learn and how they learn or process the information.

Some teachers use one or two books and assign the student a page each week and consider that a lesson.  I think that method is lazy and provides little added value.  

I use a variety of the best written content sourced from my many years of experience.  I supplement that with exercises I’ve written and customize all the content as needed.

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